Diaper Assistance Program

Organization: The HopeLine

Call 718-402-1212 Mondays between 9:30am-5pm to schedule an appointment for free diapers (walk-ins cannot be accepted at this time). Distribution is in the Bronx. You must be the parent/legal guardian, have a child 2 years or younger or be expecting (proof of sonogram or official doctors note required) , receive WIC and/or food stamps, and have proof of address and a birth certificate for the child/ren.


Application -Government ID Required, Proof of address (no more than 90 days old-electricity bill/light bill/doctors letter/note with client’s name and address), -Birth certificate(s) for baby or hospital discharge papers for newborn -Sonogram or official doctors note for expecting parents -WIC or Food Stamps/SNAP proof (WIC Proof-WIC app on cellphone or WIC card with a letter/note from WIC office, Food stamps Proof-Recent budget letter)

Service Category: Childcare


884 East 163rd Street

884 East 163rd Street Bronx NY 10459