New York Peace Institute

New York Peace Institute offers free services that help ease tensions and effectively address conflict. NYPI supports individuals, families and communities to break the cycle of conflict and stress and find their own creative solutions to conflict. We are now offering all of our services remotely via phone or video-conference. Interested parties should contact NYPI for assistance.

We can help you with:
• Conflicts between family members
• Co-parenting issues
• Educational disputes between parents and schools
• Landlord/tenant issues or disagreements with neighbors
• A matter pending in civil or small claims court
• Talking circles for community support
• Facilitating a difficult conversation or providing tips for navigating conflict

New York Peace Institute provides a wide range of free services, including mediation, conflict coaching, and restorative processes. We also provide a free alternative to potentially costly and time-consuming traditional court processes.

Free Mediation Services for Brooklyn and Manhattan

New York Peace Institute offers free in-person mediation for folks in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Also offers conflict coaching and restorative processes to help you resolve your conflict.

Service Category: Legal