Claim Our Space NOW

Claim Our Space Now is a Black, Queer, and immigrant led nonprofit organization based in Harlem, New York. Our mission to ritualize intersectional community care and action to dismantle white supremacy and save the lives of all Black and oppressed identities.

Our work is brought to life by activating our sizable volunteer base across our four active programs that seek to address both immediate and long-term community needs. We are one of the few completely volunteer-based coalitions founded in 2020 following George Floyd’s lynching that is still doing the life-saving work of meeting fundamental needs of Black and Brown communities in New York and beyond.

Free Gender-Affirming Clothes and Resources - Marsha's Closet

Give what you can, take what you need! Pull up every 3rd Monday of the month on 135th and St Nick to drop off/pick up Clothing Donations for our queer and unhoused community in Harlem & beyond.

  • 135th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue New York NY 10030