Formerly known as Washington Heights SeniorLink, Clio provides phone/mail social support, needs assessments, informational resources and care packages to older adults aged 55+ in the Washington Heights area who socially isolated due to COVID-19. Volunteers can be from anywhere in the US but must be over 18. There is also a mutual support option - seniors supporting seniors.

Socialize y obtenga ayuda si es adulto mayor de 55 años en en alto Manhattan

Clio se pone en contacto con adultos de 55 años o más con voluntarios y otros adultos mayores para que puedan establecer conexiones sociales de manera segura y remota.

Volunteer-Senior Friendly Calls

Older adults (55+) can fill out an online form expressing interest in getting letters, calls, and packages from a volunteer, or getting put in touch with another senior with similar interests to estab...