"Service Name","Service Alternate Name",Category,Organization,Phone,Address,Contact,"Service Description",URL,"Application Process","Wait Time",Fees,Accreditations,Licenses,Details "At-Home Vaccination for NYC Residents",,"Medical,",,1-877-VAX-4NYC,,,"New York City is offering in-home COVID-19 vaccinations to any City resident who requests one. Any New Yorker requesting in-home vaccination will now have the option to request their vaccine brand preference (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson). Fill out the form to request a vaccination, and a city employee will contact you with details.",https://forms.cityofnewyork.us/f/home,"Fill out the form, and the information will be shared with the City agencies coordinating this effort.",,,,, , Sources:,"Mutual Aid NYC" "Filtered by: ", "Downloaded: ","02/27/2024 04:46:01"