"Service Name","Service Alternate Name",Category,Organization,Phone,Address,Contact,"Service Description",URL,"Application Process","Wait Time",Fees,Accreditations,Licenses,Details "Temporary Financial Assistance for Families and Individuals",,"Money,",,,,,"Temporary Assistance (TA) is temporary financial help for people who are unable to work, can’t find a job, or whose job does not pay enough. The two types of TA are Family Assistance and Safety Net Assistance. Apply via https://mybenefits.ny.gov or file an application at your local department of Social Services.",https://otda.ny.gov/programs/temporary-assistance/,"Not every document checked off here may be necessary. Government ID Required",,,,, , Sources:,"Mutual Aid NYC" "Filtered by: ", "Downloaded: ","02/27/2024 04:20:40"