"Service Name","Service Alternate Name",Category,Organization,Phone,Address,Contact,"Service Description",URL,"Application Process","Wait Time",Fees,Accreditations,Licenses,Details "Sakhi for South Asian Women Helpline",,"Safety from Violence,",,"(212) 868-6741",,,"Call (212) 868-6741, text (305) 204-1809 (1-305–MY-SAKHI), or email advocate@sakhi.org Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm, for assistance with gender-based violence in the South Asian diaspora.",https://www.sakhi.org/,"The helpline is able to assist in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. In addition, they also have an over-the-phone interpretation service if needed for another language.",,,,, , Sources:,"Mutual Aid NYC" "Filtered by: ", "Downloaded: ","05/18/2024 06:05:49"